Mrs Funny Bones-Book Review

True to its title, this book is about a (Mrs)-married woman’s (Funny Bones)-humorous and witty take on her regular and often chaotic life which involves her celebrity husband, referred to as “the man of the house”, her son, referred to as “the prodigal son”, her mother in law, an ebullient mother, her domestic help, a dog and a few other characters. Many working moms in India can relate their lives to that of the author’s in some ways or the other.

Twinkle Khanna, the author of this book who is a former actress turned interior designer comes across as a literary gem. She is sassy, sarcastic and extremely funny. Her crisp narration keeps the readers hooked on to its every page. She has a strong hold on her writing, which apart from being funny and witty also manages to convey her lessons to the readers seamlessly.

To me, this book comes across as an easy breezy refreshing read which can be completed in a day or a sitting too. This book is full of witty innuendos, interesting tales and marked with self-deprecating humour. It is addictive to its end and shall leave you in splits.

This book is not like the book one usually reads. It is more like an extended compilation of her columns/blogs. It is very well written and an endearing read topped with the right amount of sarcasm, wittiness and humour.

If you are looking for a light, humorous, refreshing read then this one is for you.

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