The curious case of the Donkey

The “Gadha”, this poor creature is unaware of the importance it has garnered in the UP elections of 2017! Last week can be termed as a ‘the Animal week’ in politics as our politicians have addressed their public rallies with innuendos on donkeys, lions, cheetahs and buffalos. Guess, who else has been pulled into this zoo talk? None other than our country’s megastar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Ouch!!

So, how did this all become the curious case of the Donkey? Its simple, in our country a simple and beautiful advertisement, to foster the development of a ‘Wild ass sanctuary’, by a renowned superstar can have various connotations. Gujarat Tourism floated a TV commercial, which features the megastar giving a glimpse of the ‘Wild Ass Sanctuary’ near Ahmedabad. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism and has hence filmed a series of such ads.

The first stone to this commotion was laid during an election rally when the UP chief minister, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav took a dig at Mr. Narendra Modi by asking Amitabh Bachchan to stop promoting “donkeys of Gujarat”. This was a sarcastic innuendo on the Gujarat government’s tourism promo of the wild ass sanctuary featuring the superstar.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Modi played the devil’s advocate and retorted to Akhilesh’s “Gujarat donkeys” jibe, by saying that he drew a lot of inspiration from the Indian wild ass, found in his home state. He said that, “the donkey is very loyal to its ‘maalik’ (Owner)”. Here, he was referring to the citizens of India as his owner. He went a step further to add insult to the injury by stating that Akhilesh should watch over his state where the entire police force was pressed into action to find a ‘lost’ buffalo. He was sarcastically referring to an incident, when a Samajwadi party minister’s buffalo had gone missing and the UP police had to track it down! Akhilesh retorted back saying that he would like to focus on the lions and cheetahs rather than talk about donkeys.

When an election takes place, during the rallies, thousands of people come from far off places to listen to their favourite leaders speak. They definitely deserve a better content. They deserve to know the policies to be implemented, if that party comes to power, so that their dreams can turn into reality. They definitely do not deserve to hear politicians taking pot shots at each other and certainly no animal talk!

For a matter of fact, to a spectator it appears that issues like illegal mining, female infanticide, molestation, rape, unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructure and the untenable law and order in the state are frivolous matters to the politicians who are all set out to please the Animal welfare association or this is what it seems like!












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