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I have been on a reading spree lately and can proudly pat my back for completing 3 books in a week! So, just in case, if the book worms out there are planning to read these books, here is a quick review to help you to decide to read or not to read.

Presently, I am in a mood to read the debut and the latest novels of best-selling authors to gauge their writing journey as an author. Hence, I picked up 3 books by Preeti Shenoy, her debut novel (34 Bubblegums and Candies), her second book (Life is what you make it) and her latest release (It’s all in the Planets).

34 Bubblegums and Candies

This is Preeti Shenoy’s debut novel. The genre is a creative non-fiction. The book is a compilation of 34 sweet and sour incidents, some real and some fiction which leave a moral tale behind. The title signifies that like a bubblegum that sticks to the inner corners of your jaw and like a candy which leaves a sweet taste in your mouth long after it has been consumed, life is full of surprises. It is how you deal with situations that life throws at you and bounce back matters.

It is a very well written book for a first-time novelist. The vocabulary is simple and the sentences have been well drafted. It is a light read that leaves you refreshed at the end of the book. It is a book that isn’t the best fit for everyone’s library though. It may resonate with some and may not with the others. The A-HA chapter is an interesting read and the writing is out of the box. The chapter where she writes from the view point of a garden lizard is intriguing.

Pick this book up if you are looking for a breezy ride through real life incidents which you can relate to.

 Life is what you make it

 The second book written by Preeti Shenoy is an out and out fiction novel. The core of the entire drama focuses on the medical condition, ‘Bi-polar disorder’ (a mental disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood). The protagonist, Ankita Sharma, a young, vivacious, intelligent, promising 21-year-old suffers from this medical condition and is completely unaware of the havoc this condition is to create in her almost perfect life.

The story begins as a flashback.  Ankita finds herself seated opposite a doctor in a mental health hospital with a history of two suicide attempts and a bi-polar disorder to be treated.  Six months ago, Ankita had everything to make her happy –  a loving family, a good personality, intelligence, popularity among her classmates, boys who swooned for her, a good boy-friend and an admission into a premier MBA college. So, how did her almost perfect life plummet to this level? Will she be able to make tables turn for herself? The sequence of events that transpired in her life that lead her to her current state is the story.

This book focuses on bi-polar disorder and familiarizes the readers on how this medical condition can mess a person’s life. It is definitely a good read but not a great one though. The book though simply written doesn’t hold the reader’s attention throughout.  The title is a little deceptive or the book ends abruptly as the story doesn’t justify the title in its entirety.

Pick it up if you have time to spare. It is a one-time read.

It’s all in the Planets

The latest release by Preeti Shenoy – It’s all in the Planets is a fictional story about the protagonists Nidhi and Aniket and how destiny (the planets) plays its game in their lives. Nidhi is a 32-years-old (looks 25-years-old) and has left her corporate job to explore things that give her a sense of satisfaction (like pottery, blogging, content writing). Aniket is a 27-year-old techie who looks average, has a pot belly, is overweight and is a geek. Subbu, Aniket’s best friend breathes and thinks technical code language. His repartees are fun to read. Trish, Aniket’s girl-friend is a super sexy and hot model who can make heads turn where ever she goes. Manoj is Nidhi’s fiancée and they seem to have lost the connection between their hearts. Tara is Nidhi’s step-mother and their friendship is endearing to read. The relation that Nidhi shares with her dad is also like a fresh leaf out of the book. Its enriching to read his views on life and relationships.

Nidhi and Aniket have a chance encounter on the train and they hit it off like a house on fire. Then fate lines a sequence of events in their lives and the characters to the story act and react around these events which weaves into a beautiful story.

This book has been beautifully written by Preeti Shenoy. The vocabulary is simple and perfect. The book holds the reader’s attention till its end. It was difficult for me to put the book down till I read it till its end. The story is believable and moves at a good pace. The writer writes chapters from the viewpoints of both Aniket and Nidhi which makes the readers relate to them easily and strongly.

It’s a good book of fiction. Definitely, pick this book up if you want to have a good satisfying read.

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