Casper – The Friendly Ghost (Story for a cartoon channel)

In the beautiful city of Churu in Rajasthan, stayed a lovely couple who were in their early-sixties. Ratan, the husband had retired from his government job and now planned to happily live with his wife, Sita in their beautiful house that they had built with love from their life-long savings. Prior to moving in to their house they decided to visit their only daughter who was married and settled in the nearby city of Sardarshahr.

They had a blissful family time at their daughter’s abode. They returned after a month to their new home. To their shock and horror, it was seized by a local goon Pratap, who refused to vacate their property. They begged and pleaded him to leave their house but he refused to budge. They sought the help of the police too but Pratap had forged the legal documents in his name. Police feared him too.

One night, Ratan and Sita sat outside their new home crying at their destiny. Casper, a ghost was out on a stroll. He stopped by when he heard the wailing sounds. He peeped through a tree beside the house to listen to their conversation. He heard the old couple cursing their bad luck and crying at what Pratap had done to them.

Casper, the friendly ghost decided to help them come out of this trouble. He appeared before the couple who seemed to have been frightened all the more now seeing a ghost in front of them. As they were about to run, fearing that their house was now haunted too, Casper stopped them. He requested to hear him out once. Though scared they yet stopped to hear him out. He told them he had heard their conversation and promised to help them.

It was summers, so that night, Pratap went to sleep at the rooftop balcony. He placed his portable cot and instantly fell asleep. As the sun spread its sunshine, Pratap woke up and was horrified to see his surroundings. He found himself sleeping on his bed in his room downstairs. How was this possible? He went out of his room to check his surroundings but found no foul play. He went to the rooftop balcony and found that the cot was in its place. He thought probably it was a dream that he had slept upstairs. Casper smiled to himself.

The next night, Pratap slept in his room and to his horror found himself sleeping on the rooftop the following morning. He ran outside the house screaming “Ghost! Ghost!” Casper cheerfully patted himself on his back.

The third night, Pratap decided to stay awake and see who is playing a trick with him. He fought hard to stay awake. As the clock struck 2am, the doors to his room closed with a thud and bolted itself from outside automatically. Pratap rose to his feet in horror shouting, “who is there?” The lights in the room began to flicker. Pratap ran towards the door and tried to open it crying for help but the doors were closed from the outside. Casper appeared behind me. Pratap was petrified to see a ghost. He begged Casper to let him go. Casper threatened Pratap with dire consequences if he did not vacate the house. Pratap responded saying he would immediately return the house to its owner.

Pratap ran straight to the old couple saying he was extremely sorry for his misdeeds and gave them their house back. The old couple thanked Casper for his help and happily moved in their new home and lived happily ever after.

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