Vienna in a day

Vienna has a lot to offer to the eyes masked with wanderlust. Vienna in a day is unthinkable and undoable but after our tryst with our passports, (, a day in Vienna is what we were left with. Vienna is an abode for some of the world’s greatest pieces of art and baroque style architecture. If you make an early start to your day and sport great enthusiasm and stamina you can explore the major attractions that this stupendous city has to offer.

Vienna Parliament

This capital city of Austria is the residence of the country’s parliament. The parliament is designed in Greek style architecture. It is a beautiful building and there are tours to take you around.


Few steps away from the Parliament is the office of the Mayor. Rathaus also houses the city council. It is a splendid looking building that is transformed into a winter wonderland for the annual Christmas market. Its grounds host a number of concerts too.

Burg Theatre

This is a place to be seen and see. This is the Austrian National Theatre and one of the most important German language theatres in the world. This building is a piece of gorgeous architecture.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

If there is one historic and impressive church one should see in Vienna, it should be St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This church is located at the centre of Vienna. It is beautiful inside out. The place around the church is also very vibrant.

St. Peter’s church

This is a small yet beautiful church. It is the second-oldest church in Vienna. Its small structure with a dome and a pillar on either side of the dome just makes this church a good place to be photographed.

Hofburg Palace

This is the official residence of Austria’s President. This is a magnanimous palace. This place is beguiling and informative about the life and times of the great emperors and empress that once rules Europe.

The Hofburg Palace hosts impressive museums that offer a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about the traditions and lifestyle of the European rulers. The Imperial apartments – that display the lifestyle of its rulers; Sisi Museum – dedicated to the life of its Empress Elizabeth and the Imperial Silver collection – a museum that ostentatiously displays the silverware and other facilities and tableware that were once used by the royal family. All these three museums are a definitely worth a visit.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace is a must-see attraction in Vienna. The beautiful palace, its splendid gardens, the water features and the beautiful statues leave you awe struck. This place offers grandeur and style. It is the best place to end your day of exploration when in Vienna and relax.

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