Crime Beyond 22 Yards – Book Review


Rating– 2 stars

My Viewpoint:

When ‘Crime beyond 22 yards’ came my way, it got me super excited. I couldn’t wait to read about the scandals, controversies and match-fixing allegations that once shrouded the world of cricket.

What is the story about?

The backdrop of this book is the match-fixing racket that shook the world of international cricket in the year 2000 and its aftermath. The scam whose web nabbed many legends of the world of cricket. The story touches upon the cricketers, the bookies, the underworld connections and the legal suits involved in the racket.

Writing Style:

The title of the book is really interesting but the book isn’t as appealing as the title. The book is a mere compilation of all the newspaper articles put together. A well-researched and a detailed description of the subject is what makes a non-fiction book worth reading. In this book, the controversies are superficially explained and the depth of the matter is missing.

On certain occasions, the sentence formations depict a half-hearted attempt by the author. The narration lacks excitement. It is rather narrated in a lukewarm manner.


The book is a fairly disappointing read. The book is an approximately 50-pages long and it is difficult to summarize the controversies of International cricket within this length. Instead the author could have focused on a particular controversy and presented a detailed research on it.

About the Author:

Sourabh Mukherjee has penned down two crime thrillers, ‘The Colours of Passion’ and ‘In the Shadows of Death’. He has also written a collection of short stories. He has released two non-fiction books, ‘Love beyond 22 yards’ and ‘Crime beyond 22 yards’, relating to the world of cricket.

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