Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri – Book Review

Rating: 3/5


Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri is a romance fiction novel published by Srishti Publishers. Author Rishabh has penned down two other books titled, ‘Inside the Heart of Hope’ and  ‘Flying Without Wings’.

 The Story

Seductive affair entails the story of Prisha Khatri and Rajesh Lagheri. The story is about how their paths meet and their journey forward. It is about how they dive into the depths of their hearts through a sea of emotions. Do their hearts connect? That is the story.

Prisha Khatri, is a young modern girl brimming with ambitions. She wants to carve out an identity for herself in this world. She has been recently dumped by her successful fiancé Akshay and hence, she is nursing her wounded heart.

Prisha lands her dream job with ‘The Chronicle’, a prestigious media house. She is super excited to get to the grind. This job is also her opportunity to help her come out of her heartbreak. On the first day at work, she is bowled over by her senior colleague, Rajesh Lagheri. He is a dynamic journalist with a charismatic personality. Destiny brings Prisha and Rajesh together on an outdoor assignment. Prisha, later unearths that the assignment has other layers hidden to it.

The story then takes a turn where both the protagonists run into their respective exes. There is a lot of plotting and planning to help them succeed in their goal.



All the characters are described with their characteristics aptly. Prisha has been depicted with few shades of feminism. She is a vivacious, just-out-of-college girl whose heart and mind are at loggerheads when it comes to love. Rajesh has a fascinating personality and is dynamic in nature. He has a resume that commands respect.

The not-so-good part about the characterization is that Rishabh’s characters are very cliched. The bold and aggressive hero; the beautiful, bubbly and at times submissive heroine are too common character traits that are found in fairy tale romance books. There is nothing distinct or unique about his characters.

 Writing Style

The book is written in a simple language. The emotions are nicely described. The book is written through Prisha’s point of view. It does complete justice to describe her emotions.

The beginning is pretty slow and hence it takes time to captivate the reader’s interest. Later, the book picks up the pace as the story progresses and has a higher probability to hook its readers. The story sails through the predictable turn of events and has no surprise element.

The drawback is that some of the scenes lack detailing. Those scenes speak of convenience and lack of logic. For e.g., Prisha meets Akshay for the first time when he comes to give a guest lecture at her college. Post the lecture, Akshay who is also meeting Prisha for the first time spots her in a group of people, walks up to her and asks her out even without knowing her. She agrees! Seriously?

Good outlining, detailing and thinking would have rendered this book a better read.


This book is a nice and simple read. It is a good read for a beginner. Pick up this book if you want to sit down, relax and read something quick and light.

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