The Last Attractor of Chaos by Abhinav Singh – Book Review

Rating: 4/5

‘The Last Attractor of Chaos’ by Abhinav Singh is a spy thriller published by Notion press. This book marks the author’s debut in the world of writers. The book is to be followed by its sequel.

The Story

The book opens to a great start from its onset. A highly valuable weapon of India, Kali.x, has been stolen. This weapon has the impact of a nuclear bomb with different repercussions. An intense search operation is flagged off by the Prime Minister’s office to trace Kali.x. The R&AW and the military intelligence teams shoulder this task.

Ashwin Rathore, a scientist, involved with the Kali.x gets killed. Ashwin is a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The death was meant for his wife, Shruti Rathore, an R&AW agent. She is six months pregnant.

The investigating team zeroes down on Shruti as the mole in the department. On the other hand, there is someone who wants to ensure that Shruti is killed asap. There are a number of attempts on her life one after the other.

What makes this story even more interesting is the ‘afterlife’ quotient. Ashwin or the soul of Ashwin isn’t willing to transition to the next realm post his death. He has a volley of questions for Tantunam Anuha who is responsible to assist him in his transition. Ashwin chooses to stay behind to ensure that his wife and unborn child are safe.

A missing weapon, a pregnant woman suspected of treason and a soul keen to help his wife post his death, forms the plot of this gripping tale.

My musings about the book

Honestly, I was skeptical when I came across the after-life segment in the book. I was skeptic about its amalgamation with the overall plot. I am glad that the book has pleasantly surprised me.

This is a gripping story to the core which requires a nuanced sense of writing. The story moves across decades, the real world and the after-life. The story is fast-paced with a volley of twists and turns. The intensity of the plot has been gradually built allowing the readers to take in all the information.

There are a number of scientific theories that have been outlined through the story. What I really liked was that these theories were logically explained in the context of the story. They are not derived from a book or quoted but the author has sequentially explained them in the context of the story making it completely logical.

The characters are vividly described and well-defined. Each of the characters has their unique traits. Shruti isn’t a typical widowed pregnant woman. She is bold, aggressive, smart and responsible.

A minor drawback is the editing. A few words are missing in some sentences. The cover and the title of the book do not justify the story within.

This book is like a breath of fresh air among thrillers written by Indian authors. It surprises me that this is the author’s debut novel. I cannot wait to read more of Abhinav Singh’s works. This spy thriller is a must-read for anyone who loves to read. It is unputdownable in the literal sense and shall have your adrenaline soaring high.

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