Into the Great Heart by Kamla K.Kapur – Book Review


‘Into the Great Heart’ by Kamla K. Kapur is the second book in the Sikh Saga Series. The first book is ‘The Singing Guru’ which carries folktales of Guru Nanak and his closest companion Bhai Mardana. Into the Great Heart narrates the tale of the rise of the second Sikh Guru, Bhai Lehna and his eventual coronation as Guru Angad by Guru Nanak himself. True to its title, the book is a journey into the great heart of one of the greatest Gurus that the world has witnessed, Guru Nanak.

The book unlocks from the treasures of history forgotten folktales about legendary women during Guru Nanak’s reign like Mata Sulakhni (Guru Nanak’s wife), Bebe Nanaki (Guru Nanak’s sister), Mata Khivi (Guru Angad’s wife) and Aziza (Mardana’s granddaughter).

Into the Great Heart reflects upon the conflicts in Guru Nanak’s domestic paradise. The Law of Attraction states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Guru Nanak’s actions for the welfare of the world bore repercussions for his family. His family held grievances against him for their lost family time.

Kamla K. Kapur has beautifully narrated the story of Bhai Lehna, Guru Nanak and their life together. The pace is perfect to engage the readers to absorb all the knowledge it has to offer. The book doesn’t have a dull moment and is an interesting read. Every chapter ends with a note about the upcoming story that keeps the curiosity of the readers high. The verses or shabads are intellectually placed and add meaning to the story. Some of the profound learnings are so subtlety explained – ‘nobody loves the person who loves them’; ‘shrews are not born, they are made’.

One feels meditative while going through the pages of the book. The departure of every soul from the mortal world is so overwhelmingly narrated. The only drawback is that the book became a little preachy towards its end.

All in all, this is a great book to read in a lifetime. It is one of those books to be re-read too. The essence of the book can be derived from reading the book at a comfortable place. If you like books on religious subjects, this is a must-read. If you plan to meditate through reading, this is your go-to book.

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