The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn – Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5

The Book

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn is widely recognized as the ‘Psychological thriller of 2018’. The author A.J. Finn (Pseudonym of Daniel Mallory) has marked a dream debut that any author can envisage.

The Woman in the Window is a riveting thriller that will keep your mind guessing till the last few pages. The plot isAmmmaaazzziinnggg. Anna Fox is our protagonist who suffers from Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that often develops after one or more panic attacks or tragic events. An agoraphobic tends to avoid open or public places due to feelings of panic, helplessness or embarrassment.

The Plot

Anna Fox is someone who prefers to drink alcohol instead of water. She is an alcoholic recluse. She hasn’t stepped out of her plush New York apartment for the last 10 months but is well-versed with the ongoing of her neighbourhood. She doesn’t visit her neighbours but literally watches them through her camera. Her window to the outside world is strictly ‘her window’. She can provide you details of the affairs, sex lives, fights and the routine lives of her neighbours to the tee. Her usual day comprises of drinking unrestrained glasses of merlot, checking the ongoing of her neighbourhood, watching black and white movies, counselling people in an online agora chatroom and playing chess.

On one unfortunate evening, Anna witnesses something that no one was supposed to witness. Now she grapples to uncover the truth. Did she really witness something or was it a figment of her imagination? Will her neighbours or the police believe her? Does she actually believe in herself? How does one believe in a witness who is a social recluse with a medical history against her?

My Musings

I loved this book. This is one of those rare books you cannot stop raving about. Reading books like these is a bibliophile’s dream. This book requires you to be patient for the first 100 pages or so as nothing much happens here but your patience shall yield you rich dividends later. It is like a roller-coaster ride that gathers momentum slowly but shall send you in a tizzy later. You can actually hear yourself say,” wow” at few turns of events in the book.

Daniel Mallory has superbly crafted the plot and the characters. The author has stated that he suffers from bouts of depression. I believe him as this book gives a real account of a depressed person’s life. The characterisation is brilliant and it couldn’t be better. The panic attacks that Anna goes through are so realistically described that you shall need a breath of fresh air too.  The emotions and actions are vividly encapsulated. A thriller should be supported by logic and this book does that superbly. The chapter in which the author describes a tragic event in Anna’s life is so real and raw that it shall leave you gasping for breath. This book is like watching a movie scene by scene.

However, the author could have done off mentioning the names of so many movies that he has otherwise mentioned. The reader can feel disconnected if he hasn’t heard or watched those films.

This is a go-to book if you are a lover of psychological thrillers or mystery reads. I eagerly await A.J. Finn’s next book and the release of the movie based on this book.

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